Unique date ideas with their cannabis pairings

5 Unique Date Ideas and Their Perfect Cannabis Pairings

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With Valentine’s Day coming up, you’re bound to get inundated with posts, ads, and commercials for the same old boring date ideas. Since our time on this rock is limited, we encourage you to explore beyond the norm and go on unique adventures. And do you know what pairs best with adventures? Why, cannabis of course!

Unique Date Ideas + Cannabis Pairings

You Tell Their Story

Go to any restaurant or bar. Select a couple, some friends, or a family that you don’t know and – without staring too much – come up with their backstory. What are their names? What do they do for work? How did they meet? The more outlandish their story, the better. 

Oh that’s Bryan and Chase. They met in line waiting for Mr Toad’s Wild Ride at DisneyLand in 2015. Bryan is a SCUBA instructor who enjoys setting up scavenger hunts for the filthy rich and Chase is a painter who specializes in creating murals on the side of barns – his favorite being a tribute to the 80s legend ALF. 

Over there, well that’s Carla and Sage. Carla enjoys wearing socks that have toe slots and building Rube Goldberg machines. Sage enjoys short walks in a circle and reading road signs out loud. They are the best of friends who met at the dump while each offloading yard scraps.

Cannabis Pairing

You’re gonna need some creativity with this one. We recommend Amnesia Haze by Sunshine Coop, a sativa flower that will boost your creativity while giving you a case of the giggles. Perfect for storytelling.

Create Your Own Silent Disco 

Load your phone with your favorite tunes, bring a buddy/date/fellow freespirit, pack your multipoint headphones or earbuds, and head to an outdoor area with room to dance freely. We recommend Zuanich park, Lake Padden, or Bloedel Donovan park. Sync your listening devices to your playlist and dance like you don’t give a shit who is watching. You’ll be the envy of others wishing to be as carefree and fun as you.

Cannabis Pairing

Flav's White Wido Vape

Give yourself the stamina you need to dance your heart out with Flav’s White Widow vape. White Widow has blessed every Dutch coffee shop menu since its birth with a powerful, euphoric boost of energy paired with creative surges and conversation starters.

Grocery Games

You and your mate/date/buddy each have a budget of $20 to pick out ingredients and items you think the other would love for the most epic mystery munchie meal. Pick out items or ingredients that hit all 5 standard tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami/savory. When you’re nice and ripped (at home, of course) tell the other person the flavor profile you’re after and see what they’ve picked out for you. Hopefully they know you well and selected something that’s gonna make your tastebuds mosh.

Cannabis Pairing

About a half hour before you’re ready to chill and unveil your mystery munchie meal, have a smoke sesh with a Panda Snax Pre-Roll by Phat Panda. This indica marvel will give you a wicked case of the munchies so be prepared to feast like it’s Thanksgiving and you have stretchy pants on.

Build a Fort

You’re never too old to build a fort. Whether it’s out of pillows, couch cushions, blankets, chairs, tables, or any random thing around your abode, you’ll have a blast creating a new space to space out. Level up challenge: build several tunnels that lead to one large space. Also, don’t forget to set a secret password to enter the fort – it’s required by the Association of Pillow Fort Builders, an organization we just made up to encourage you to be silly and channel your inner child.

Bonus challenge: Sleep in your fort! We predict you’ll sleep as soundly and as comfortably as you did as a child over the weekend. 

Cannabis Pairing

You’re going to need something balanced for this adventure. Try Tropical Jellies by Journeyman. Each delicious jelly has 10mg of THC and 10mg of CBD for extra comfort. Start with one, if that’s not enough, nosh on another. You’ll be chillaxed in your new fort in no time. 

Thrift Store Outfit

We saved the best for last. This is quite possibly our favorite unique date idea. Head to your favorite thrift store and find a section of clothing in your size. With your eyes closed and hands on hangers, walk down the aisle touching each clothing item as you pass. When your partner says “stop” whichever item your hand lands on is what you have to buy. Make a whole outfit by going down the shirt, pants, shoes, and accessories aisle. Don your new outfit and wear it with pride out to dinner or just traipsing around town. Who knows, your new fit might start a fashion craze and you’ll be proud to say “I was the first”.

Cannabis Pairing

A little dab’ll do ya. Before heading out in your new attire, hit some Maui Pineapple Wax by Parks & Recreation. With a physical and cerebral high, you’ll have the confidence boost you need to rock the heck out of your new outfit. 

We hope you have an adventurous Valentine’s Day while enjoying your favorite herb. As a good rule of thumb, be mindful of public cannabis consumption laws and NEVER EVER drive under the influence. Always use responsibly and know your limits. 

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