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New Year, New Look

By Brooke M | | About Trove

Ain’t nobody dope as me, I’m just so fresh, so clean.

So fresh and so clean, clean.

We are beyond thrilled to formally welcome you to our new website experience. Even though “So Fresh, So Clean” by Outkast was released in 2000, we’d like to think that it was a premonition about the new look and feel of our website. While that might be a stretch and a tad boasty we’re thrilled AF that our updated website showcases the vibes we’re after. Welcoming. Kind. Purposeful. Artistic. Intuitive. Chill.

Greatness doesn’t happen overnight and certainly not in a vacuum. The new look and feel is something we’ve been planning for a while with feedback from our customers, help from industry professionals, market research, and good old fashioned brainstorming.

But not to worry! We’re still the same cannabis connoisseurs bringing you everyday low prices and stocking products to enhance your time on this rock named Earth. No website update is going to change who we are at the core!

While you’ll notice a lot has changed to the look, we haven’t removed any functionality or features, nor have we nixed any of our daily deals or discounts. In fact, we’ve enhanced the overall experience with a rad new feature.

Medical Pricing

We are so stoked to show you guys our new feature! Since day one we have offered a 20% discount to medical cannabis users with a valid medical card. Now, with the simple click of a mouse or touch of your fingertip, you can see what products cost and/or what your total is with the discount applied. No more trying to do quick math in your head – you’ll know exactly what to expect when you pick up your orders or shop in-store. 

Here’s how to check the cost of products with a medical card discount.


On any “Menu” page, click the “Medical Card Pricing” checkbox at the top of the page where the product filters are. 

Your Cart

Within your cart, click the “Medical Card Pricing” checkbox listed above the products in your cart.

Note: The Medical Card Pricing discount is only offered to valid medical card holders which must be verified in-store. If you complete the checkout process with “Medical Card Pricing” checked and do not have a valid medical card, you will not be eligible for the 20% off discount. (But you may be eligible for any of our other daily deals or discounts! See in-store for more information.) 

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

If you haven’t done so already, check out the slider on the homepage (the section that moves slides from right to left) and/or any of our main pages. The imagery is *chefs kiss*. We’ve got to give a major shout-out to local photographer Katheryn Moran. Katheryn took our visual assets to a whole new, elevated level. Each photo is perfectly balanced, colorful without being obnoxious, and perfectly depicts the subject at hand. Who knew photos of weed could get us all ver? We’re all in our feels over here.

New Year, New Collabs

If “make new friends” is on our New Year’s resolution list we’ve just completed it in record time. Not only did we get to work with Katheryn, we made a new partnership with the fine folks at Leafwell

Leafwell is a service that connects people, via a HIPPA compliant telemedicine platform, to a licensed medical provider. Leafwell is a team of dedicated data scientists, cannabis specialists, and patient advocates dedicated to helping people unlock the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

At this time, Leafwell helps Washington medical card holders renew their Washington medical card. In the future, Leafwell will help Washingtonians connect to licensed health care professionals qualified to issue medical marijuana cards. It’s the wave of the future and we are here for it!

If you’re interested in renewing your Washington medical card, check out our partnership page. Alternatively, scroll down to our website footer and click the “Renew Medical Card” button. 

As soon as we know when more Washington services will become available, we will let you know. 

We hope you’re as stoked about our new look as we are. If there is a feature you’d like to see implemented in the future on our website, let us know! We take every request seriously, even ones like “I want my weed delivered by an irreverent squirrel wearing a tiny little “Rose Nylund for President” shirt.” (Trust us, we want that too. Anything is possible with time and the right legislation in place.)


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