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Linalool and Limonene: An Intro to Terpenes and Their Benefits

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One of our main goals as an education-focused dispensary is to help you enjoy weed! In order to fully enjoy your greens, we want you to understand exactly what you’re toking: the strains, the terpenes, and the benefits. Terpenes are the delightful oils that you can often smell from your favorite bud: lemon, diesel, floral. Not only do they play the role in serving you flavor, but they also carry unique properties that can help heal and calm. Let’s talk about Linalool & Limonene.

Linalool (Linn-uh-lool)Linalool Terpene

Linalool is derived from spices, flowers, birch tree bark (Think lavender) The aroma is floral and helps provide zen by supporting the body’s pain response. Strains with linalool usually have sedative, anti-inflammatory, and stress-relieving properties. Check out these strains to start: Raven’s Passionflower Blend, Master Kush, Zkittlez

Limonene Terpene

Limonene (Lim-o-neen)

Limonene, as the name suggests, is derived from citrus peels and juniper. The aroma is citrusy, sour, and sharp. With Limonene, testing strains in the lab is the best way to identify this terpene. Strains with Limonene can help with heartburn, acid-reflux, and like Linalool it can help with stress and anxiety. Studies also show that this terpene has properties to help with those battling cancer and tumors. Check out these strains to start: Cinex, Banana OG, Do-Si-Dos



This week’s terpene challenge: Ask your budtender to recommend strains with Linalool and Limonene!

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