What does weed mean to you
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What does weed mean to you?

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We all face challenges in our lives. Challenges like stress from work or home life, anxiety about our future or our health, and even medically diagnosed challenges like depression and chronic pain. You’ve heard about the healing properties of weed, but have you experienced them? Over the next three months, we are going to take a deep dive into the world of terpenes, or the characteristics of weed: what they are, how they present themselves, and most importantly what they can do for you.

Maybe you don’t have pain, stress, or anxiety but you enjoy weed to unwind or have fun. Once you dial into the world of terpenes the real fun begins. Knowing if your strain is from an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid plant is important but even more so is knowing the terpene profile. Each cannabis strain includes multiple terpenes, with one being the dominant. It’s this dominant terpene and the combination of them all that give you its unique high. Here are the terpenes that we are going to focus on:

Linalool: Flowers and spices like lavender and coriander, promotes relaxation
Limonene: Citrus, natural mood booster
Myrcene: Peppery and spicy, sleep aid, pain relief
Caryophyllene: Herbal and spicy, helps reduce inflammation
Terpinolene: Piney, floral, herbal, citrusy, uplifting effects, rare
Pinene: Pine, pain relief, reduces inflammation and anxiety
Next week we start with Linalool and Limonene!



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