new year's resolutions for stoner

New Year’s Resolutions for Stoners

By trovecannabis | | Tips

It’s finally that time of the year we’ve all been looking forward to – the end of the year! We’re all excited to finally tell 2020 to kick rocks and beat it. We’re not going to say that 2021 will be some sort of show stopper, but with the past year coming to a close we are getting stoked to start a new one. 2021 definitely feels like it’s going to be a year that focuses on self-care and recovering from the stress of 2020. What better way to jump onto that path than with a few chill, obtainable New Year’s Resolutions? Here are some boxes you can set to check off regularly this year:

Branch Out

If you’re someone who tends to stick to your go-tos then why not make a goal for yourself to try a different strain of bud every now and then? Once a week, or once a month, is a great place to start.

Clean your Smoking Kit, like now

Which pieces get the most traffic? Are you looking at them? Are they pretty gnarly? It’s easy to forget the last time you cleaned your kit but setting an event in your phone to remind you to take care of it once a week is a great way to keep on track and stay fresh. Want to keep it simple? Use warm isopropyl alcohol and ice cream coarse sea salt in a plastic bag with your dirty piece. Shake hard enough to dislodge grime, but be careful not to break your piece if it’s fragile.  Rinse with warm water. Watch it sparkle.
If that isn’t your favorite old school method, you can always try out a designated cleaner (something like Smoke Soap or Orange Chronic). Just let it soak in the solution overnight and rinse in the morning.

Try Healthier Munchies

We would never discourage the joy that indulging in the munchies can give you. It’s everything. However if you want to aim for munchies that are a healthier choice, even if it’s just so you can eat more, we’ve got you covered. Try alternatives like:

  • Popcorn (Butter and kettle corn, not so much, but definitely coconut oil and a light sprinkling of salt)
  • Nuts
  • Dark Chocolate over milk or white chocolate
  • Greek Yogurt and Pretzels

Practice Makes Perfect

Impress the party by getting better at rolling blunts and joints. We are still hopeful that passing the joint will be a bit of normalcy that returns when it’s safe. In the meantime, you can spend time rolling and improving your skills. Learn how the experts do it and then practice every day.

Make Your Smoke Spot Danker

Spend 2021 making your smoke spot as dope as the bud you’re smoking in it. Here are a few upgrades to consider:

  • Set the Mood. Put some chill lighting up.
  • Comfier seating. Whether it’s a couch you can really sink into or a cushion / lumbar pillow combo added to a chair you already own, this one is a real game-changer.
  • Ventilation. Keep the airflow fresh with an air purifier or an extractor fan.
  • Decorate. Give your spot ambiance and personality with personal items, art, and trinkets.
  • New Smoking Accessories. Splurge on that piece you’ve been eyeballing to take your smoke sesh to the next level. Or maybe get a dope stash spot that is fun to dig in to.

Go Big (Responsibly)

Treat yourself to the highest concentrate you’ve sampled and push your limits, slightly. Trove has something for everyone and with an extensive menu, have fun shopping around. Get baked and enjoy it. Again, responsibly.



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