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Shop local and lift up your community! Now, more than ever, shopping local can make or break an industry surviving in an area. Trove cares and makes it a priority to supply the local goods. Want to know who you are supporting? Get to know our Bellingham vendors:

Eagle Trees

Located just east of the city, this family farm grows with passion. Led by a winning brother/sister combo, their commitment to high quality translates to their beautiful, organic sun-kissed buds. Eagle Trees is a refreshingly transparent farm that is upfront with their back story, making them a local inspiration that is fun to support.

Fan Favorite:
Dutch Treat Pre-Roll 3pk
Sweet fruit scent mixed with pine and eucalyptus tree aroma. Uplifting and euphoric cerebral high.

Khush Kush

An indoor farm located on the north side of town, this pesticide-free company focuses on flavor, consistency, and sustainability. Khush Kush has undeniable expertise in growing clean, top-shelf cannabis to make their customers happy and coming back for more. With a name that literally means ‘happiness’ in Hindu, their commitment to customer satisfaction is clear. This family farm is passionate and it shows in their crop.

Fan Favorite:
Blueberry Scone (1g)
An indica heavy blueberry strain with a fruity, skunky aroma. Very relaxing effects. Great for the end of a busy day.


Smack in the middle of Bellingham proper, Verdelux values the craftsmanship in the art of producing cannabis edibles. Made in small batches, their entire product line focuses on taste, potency, and consistency. Free of pesticides and fungicides, they hold their extracts to the same high standards they keep for their candy. With clear labeling, it is easy to pick edibles that meet your dietary, or high specific needs.

Fan Favorite:
Truffle, Peanut Butter Meltaway 6pk
Crafted by local pastry chefs, these delicious chocolate truffles are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.


Looking for a unique personality in your bud brand? Clandestine knows how to grow with knowledge, passion, and good vibes. The art on their packaging will definitely catch your eye but it’s what is beyond the label that is impressive. Clandestine has figured out that happy plants loved by happy farmers produce baller buds that make happy customers.

Fan Favorite:
Jungle Punch (1g)
This strain packs a juicy sweet and sour citrus flavor that leaves you feeling relaxed and helps free some stress.


Focusing on the medicinal side of marijuana, Perecan developed an impressive method of extraction. Staying true to traditional Chinese medicinal influence and pairing with a scientific approach, they use only C02 methods and keep unnatural substances out of the equation. Their technique provides the cleanest extract possible while their high standards strictly prevent any cutting agents, fillers, or foreign substances from ever being added.

Each of these talented vendors is located right here at Trove. Shopping locally has never been easier. We made ordering online simple and fast. Wherever you are, fill up your cart, checkout, and pick up at your convenience.



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