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The Benefits of Self Care and Cannabis

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Let’s be blunt. This pandemic SUCKS. We miss our normal; hanging with friends, hugging our family, dining in restaurants without fear. All things we probably took for granted before. It’s easy during times like this to fall into a funk and forget to take care of ourselves. But, if we don’t take care of ourselves now, the effects will be detrimental down the line.

Let’s talk about cannabis and self-care.

Obviously we’re champions of cannabis. There are so many amazing benefits of cannabis, it’s an easy plant to love. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite self-care cannabis products that can enhance your self-care activities or help you gain some sense of normalcy again.

Time For A Dip: Bath Bomb by Honu

honu cannabis infused bath bomb

What’s more relaxing than a hot bath? A hot bath infused with a Honu Bath Bomb that is available in lavender, hibiscus, and oatmeal mint scents. Grab a good book, plop your bath bomb in the water and take some time to yourself while you breathe in the aromas and get gently massaged by the fizz.

We All Need A Little Saving From Time To Time: Salvation by Verdelux

Cannabis infused topical salvation by verdelux

This powerful topical solution by locally-owned Verdelux contains pure essential oils and cannabis extract made with organic, food-grade ethanol that absorbs into your skin. This product is designed to provide relaxation or relief for everyday use.

Soothe Thyself: Coconut Magic by Raven

Coconut magic by raven cannabis infused topical

Derived from the insanely popular strain Frida, we present to you Coconut Magic. This versatile topical product is strong and is made with only two wonderful ingredients: 100% organic, raw, unrefined cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, and cannabis concentrate. Slather some on and reap the benefits of this incredible topical.

Make That O Face: O Lube by Fairwinds

Cannabis Infused Personal Lubricant by Fairwinds

Self-care and self-love are pretty much interchangeable, so why not focus on both! This cannabis-infused, hypoallergenic, condom safe, and silicone-based lubricant is sure to help spice up your self-love needs. O Lube is especially beneficial to users who prefer a silicone-based lubricant that allows for less breakage and a better glide. As an added bonus, this lubricant was formulated for people with sensitive skin. Now you can get down without worry about weird ingredients causing a reaction.

Self Care, Down There: Feminine Relief Suppositories by Fairwinds

Cannabis infused feminine suppositories from Fairwinds

Another great Fairwinds product we cannot stop raving is the always popular Feminine Relief Suppositories by Fairwinds. This product is specifically designed to support and alleviate vaginal discomfort. Do you want to know the best part? It’s super easy to use, quick to absorb, and acts extremely fast!

Germs, Be Gone: HIGHgiene Hand Sanitizer by Heylo

Cannabis infused hand sanitizer by Heylo

During a time where sanitation is important, we cannot forget about the health and safety of our hands. HIGHgiene hand sanitizer, infused with cannabis and made with organic alcohol and aloe, is meant to keep your hands clean and mind at ease.
Fused together with a blend of cannabinoids and terpenes, this product will help make you feel refreshed and relaxed at the same time. The best part is that you won’t get that chemical feeling you usually get from traditional hand sanitizer.

Pucker Up: Lip Balm by Six/Fifths

Do you ever feel nervous or anxious and resort to licking your lips as a coping mechanism? Yeah, we do too, and it’s hard to stop once you’ve begun. One minute your lips are fully moisturized, then the next they’re drier than the hot summer sun. This lip balm is wonderful tasting, cannabis-infused and is designed to help revitalize chapped or dry lips. Say goodbye to crusty lips!

Roll Those Joints: CBD Cool Sticks by Wildflower

CBD Cool Stick by Wildflower

Aches and pains are inevitable. This all-natural, anti-inflammatory body stick is made with cooling essential oils and CO2 extract. Using a vegan formula, CBD Cool Sticks is designed to tackle the sore areas on your body and have you back to being your best self in no time flat!

If you’re interested in enhancing your self-care methods with cannabis and CBD related products, head over to the Topical section of the menu through our website and explore the wide variety of products that can help balance your mind and body with ease!



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