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Post 420 Daze

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Josilyn at Trove Cannabis

Once a year, the cannabis community comes together to celebrate all things cannabis. This year the holiday came and went before we knew it. Not only were we blessed with sunshine and blue skies this year BUT it was also Taco Tuesday, a stoner’s paradise!

Although the 420 celebration has been different the last two years due to Covid-19, we have learned to adapt and overcome the obstacles. We want to thank each one of our awesome customers and friends for supporting Trove and other local businesses during these times. Thank you for celebrating the progression of the cannabis industry with us safely this year!

Some of your favorite 420 products were: 

  • Concentrate: Clandestine – Velvet Whip Shatter
  • Flower: Pioneer Nuggets – Orangutang Flower
  • Infused Pre-Roll: Boggy Boon – Bigfoot Infused Pre-Roll
  • Liquid Edible: Major – Blue Raspberry Beverage
  • Pre-Roll: Phat Panda – OG Chem Pre-Roll
  • Solid Edible: Smokiez – Sour Peach Fruit Chew 

Whether you lit up a joint, packed a bowl, took a dab, drank a beverage, munched on an edible, or puffed on your vape pen, we hope your 420 was full of hazy memories. Cheers to another 420 in the history books!

Until next time, 



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