How to Roll a Joint

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Back to Basics: Rolling a Joint

A step by step guide to rolling your own

There’s something that is just so right about rolling your own. Don’t get us wrong, picking up a pre-roll is magic but there really isn’t anything like grinding fresh. We want to take some time over the next few months and discuss the basics. Good weed demands good technique and, heck, that’s what we plan to share with you. To start, let’s talk about rolling a joint or cannabis cigarette.


You’ll want the following supplies (all of which you can purchase at Trove!):

  • 1/3-1 gram of your favorite bud
  • grinder
  • rolling papers
  • filter or crutch
  • long slender packing tool


Grind It

Start with a clean grinder. The goal here is to evenly distribute the bud that you’ll be packing into the roll. A smoother grind = a smoother smoke. Remember to handle your bud carefully in order to keep the integrity of the flavor intact as much as possible.


Crutch & Load

Now we’ll shift our focus to the rolling paper. Use your handy dandy rolling tray to hold your paper. Then, take your crutch and position it on one end of the paper – this will be your mouthpiece. Evenly distribute your ground bud across the rolling paper.


Roll & Pack

Starting with the sticky side furthest away from you, pick it up. We find it easiest to use the thumb and index fingers to pinch the paper in half horizontally. As you begin to roll and tuck, make sure that the bud stays even across the joint. It’s important that you get a solid roll, making sure that air can still pass through.

Lick the sticky side to seal the joint. Take your packing tool and pack in your joint from the end towards your mouthpiece. Add in any bud that fell out during the rolling! Lastly, twist the remaining paper at the end of the joint to keep everything in.

Light it up and enjoy! When it comes to choosing the equipment or bud for your joints, we hope you feel comfortable asking our budtenders for recommendations or any questions that you might have.


This week’s Back to Basics Challenge

If you don’t have one already, invest in a grinder and any other equipment you need and try rolling your own!

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