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Veteran Owned Boggy Boon

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Boggy Boon

Celebrate Independence Day with Veteran Owned Boggy Boon

Photos and copy by Boggy Boon

“I looooove Independence Day! It’s one of my favorite holidays!  I spent 5 years in the United States Marine Corps, so I’m always down to celebrate some freedom. So we will be taking the day to celebrate with Family, Friends, and Fireworks.  I hope you are able to do the same.” -BB

 What makes Boggy Boon so dank?

“Our Farm arose from an abandoned rock quarry on the bank of the Columbia river in the Wenatchee Valley of Central Washington. It is now the home to our state of the art 24,000 square foot greenhouse facility.  We approached the farm buildout the same way we approach everything…with a dedication to quality and craftsmanship. It took us 7 months from clearing and grading the land, to getting final inspection, but we built it by hand and we built it with pride. We have gathered up a bunch of hard working farmers, the Squatch Squad, and are now one of the top producers and processors in Washington State.”

All Natural Boggy BoonALL NATURAL

We create a natural bio-diverse environment for natural pest prevention. In vegetative growth we use preventative organic methods such as sulfur. Once our plants flip to flower and start bud production we implement a program using beneficial insects (such as Neoseiulus Cucumeris). No chemical sprays are applied to the buds you are smoking!

Handcrafted Boggy BoonHAND CRAFTED

We approach growing as a labor of love. We employ over 35 full time employees who are lovingly known as the Squatch Squad. They curate all our flower by hand. We handwater, hand-harvest, hand trim, and hand package all our flower. This hands on approach is how are able to provide the top quality in Washington State.

Boggy Boon GeneticsGENETICS

We grow some of the best genetics in the world including award winning classics, and new favorites. We have received “Top 5 strains to try in Seattle”, 3rd place in 4/20 gold Cannabis Cup. Additionally we have been featured in Leafly, Marijuana Venture Magazine, and on the cover of the inaugural Issue of Sungrower and Greenhouse magazine.




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