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What does diversity mean to Buddies?

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A closer look into what diversity looks like at Buddies

We sat down with Buddies Brand and chatted about diversity within the cannabis industry and what it means to them as a company. Check it out!

What does diversity mean to Buddies?

Our core motto is; FAMILY, FRIENDS, BUDDIES.  We stand behind that with the products we make, the support for the people who work for us and our continual willingness to positively evolve as a company. Every single person that makes a Buddies product from the growers, to packagers, to the sales team and brand ambassadors, understands their symbiotic connection to one another through a good product.  We are a company that says who we are to everyone out there. We are Buddies.

Buddies Cannabis Products

How do you incorporate diversity and Pride into your workplace and products?

Pride transcends any one particular group, class or individual.  It’s a celebration of life, it’s achievements, the adversity faced, all of the admirations and your qualities that make you a human being.  Buddies is a product made for the class and priced for the mass. Accessible to everyone.  We encourage individuality in the workplace but unity in our goal.  FAMILY, FRIENDS, BUDDIES.

Where do you see opportunity within the cannabis industry for more diversity?

The good news is that the cannabis industry is still very much an emerging industry.  The road ahead is wide open to be shaped the way all of us choose.  As an industry, and unlike many others, our customers sometimes have a deeper connection for the products we create.  We as an industry have the power to unite, to revolutionize and create unity. We all need to choose love more often.

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