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If You’re Still Buying from a Dealer, You’re Doing it Wrong

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It’s been nearly a decade since Washington state legalized recreational cannabis.

Nine beautiful years of open access to the adult candy shops we call dispensaries.

With so much time under our belts in a legal market, it’s easy to forget about the cannabis black market.

But since the legalization of cannabis in 2012, the farming and cultivation of illegal weed have drastically increased in Washington.

There’s plenty of speculation as to why this is happening.

Whatever the reason may be, both the legal and illegal cannabis markets are thriving, which begs the question,

“Should I buy from dispensaries or do I find a dealer and save some money?”

Can you guess what our answer might be???

In this article, we’re going to give you three great reasons why buying from dispensaries is a much better option than buying from your dealer.

Buying Weed Illegally is… Illegal

Yes, you can save yourself some money.

But why take any risk when there are perfectly legal alternatives all around you?

The answer to this really does boil down to price.

Considering that Uncle Sam collects nearly 50% of every legal sale, the discount your dealer can provide is undoubtedly significant.

However, that discount might come at a cost that has no financial equivalent, your health.

No Regulation Equals No Consumer Protection

With legalization comes regulation.

With regulation comes increased health standards.

Those standards are in place to ensure you, the customer, receive a product that has been thoroughly tested and deemed a safe product.

Without regulation standards, some scary things can happen.

Illegal growers could be using herbicides and pesticides that are not only harmful to the environment but are poisonous enough to take down a bear with a single teaspoon.

Now imagine their effects when exposed to heat and inhaled into your lungs.

Illegal dealers don’t need to verify that their product only contains THC or CBD.

For all they know, it could be laced with numerous other chemicals.

Synthetic marijuana chemicals such as K2 and spice are often sprayed on low potency bud. These chemicals cause a high “similar” to THC, but anyone who has ever smoked them knows that there’s a big difference, and reports of their dangers have been published for years.

Fentanyl, a dangerous synthetic opioid that is 80 to 100 times stronger than morphine claiming the lives of tens of thousands of people per year, has been on the rise globally. Reports of marijuana laced with Fentanyl have come out of New York and Canada in recent months.

Put simply, if a governing body doesn’t regulate the substance, you’re putting yourself at risk.

Purchasing from a dispensary eliminates this risk altogether.

Supporting the Legal Industry Ensures its Success

It may surprise you to learn that there are still people out there who believe cannabis should remain illegal.

Not only that, there are people actively fighting to keep it illegal.

And a thriving black market only strengthens their argument.

When you purchase your cannabis legally, you’re helping to support the legalization efforts around the world.

As more customers purchase from dispensaries, the legal market strengthens its proof of concept, creating a stronger argument for the program’s benefits.

Not only that, but purchasing marijuana legally also supports your local economy in a significant way.

Since its legalization, over 2 billion dollars have been added to the Washington state economy through cannabis sales.

More money in the economy means a higher quality of life for all of us.

Often, revenue from illegal cannabis flows directly out of the country and into the hands of the cartels and criminal organizations running the operation.

If you buy from a dispensary, you’re helping legalization efforts around the world and you’re strengthening the economy you live in.

You know what to do.


Support your local economy.

Support your fellow stoner in states where cannabis is still illegal. A flourishing legal market in Washington will only help other states in their legalization efforts.

Keep yourself healthy.

And keep your record clean.

Bid your dealer farewell and come check us out at Trove Cannabis here in beautiful Bellingham, WA.








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