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What does diversity mean to Verdelux?

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A closer look into what diversity looks like at Verdelux

We sat down with Chris Lin, owner and co-founder of Verdelux, and chatted about diversity within the cannabis industry and what it means to them as a company. Check it out!

What does diversity mean to Verdelux?

VERDELUX believes that everyone has a story and the path people take shapes their lives and those experiences are reflected in their acquired wisdom. Having a company that is flexible, adaptable, smart and forward thinking is one that employs talented people that have the stones to be who they want to be.

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How do you incorporate diversity and Pride into your workplace and products?

We try to support our employees as much as possible with our medical benefits which I believe are best in the entire industry (feel free to correct me) and egalitarian company culture.  Quite frankly, as a business owner the last thing I want is to be particular to an employee with a so-called “alternative” lifestyle, it is in so many ways a backwards pandering to say they need special treatment.  Someone who is part of our team is not going to be any more or less important because of who they choose to love.  The most respectful approach in my opinion is to treat everyone equitably and fairly in providing opportunities for growth and success whether they stay within the company or if they decide to take another direction and move on.  As long as they are better off having been with Verdelux before they arrived, I am satisfied.

Where do you see opportunity within the cannabis industry for more diversity?

The opportunities always start with competency.  I am not LGBT+ so the best I can do is empathize and be supportive of that community and also acknowledge that LGBT+ has been at the forefront of pushing cannabis legitimacy.  Most cannabis business owners I believe are of the same mindset.  As a business community we embrace, not merely tolerate- people who are savvy about cannabis and LGBT+ people know the game.  You will not find very much discrimination in this industry at any rate.  As an employer, I do take into account the kinds of challenges that someone with a LGBT+ background have to navigate because it develops toughness and tenacity.  Finally, early in Verdelux history pre-i502 when we did catering projects, we actually provided the dessert course for the first sanctioned gay wedding in Washington State for the editor and publisher of Seattle Gay News and we are very proud of this fact.

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