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What Does Diversity Mean To botanicaSEATTLE?

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A closer look into what diversity looks like at botanicaSEATTLE

We sat down with botanicaSEATTLE and chatted about diversity within the cannabis industry and what it means to them as a company. Check it out!

What does diversity mean to botanicaSEATTLE?

Diversity has been a value for botanicaSEATTLE since the very beginning. We work hard to put our money where our mints are, so to speak, with a long standing relationship with Lifelong. We are celebrating 6 years of partnership in this work, and we continue to develop relationships with local organizations in each state that Mr. Moxey’s is available in. This Pride, we are also working with organizations in Oregon, Colorado, and Massachusetts.

How do you incorporate diversity and Pride into your workplace and products?

We do this with a focus on broad recruitment, open workplace culture, and practical commitments to social equity through financial giving. The Giving Mint is designed to express our values and contribute meaningfully to the work being done to support those same values. It’s something we can all get behind!

Where do you see opportunity within the cannabis industry for more diversity?

At every level there is an opportunity for more voices to be heard, for broader representation in leadership roles, and more financial giving that supports those that suffered most in the prohibition era of cannabis in our nation. Nothing is solved overnight, but with steady, persistent assertion of values along with actions that back it up over and over again, we see that incremental change yields revolutionary results.

This week’s Toke With Pride challenge: Unlock the good vibes and try Mr. Moxey’s Giving Mints!




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