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A Closer Look Into What Diversity Looks Like At Trove

We sat down with our fearless leader, Yin, and chatted about diversity within the cannabis industry and what it means to us here at Trove. Check it out!

What does diversity mean to Trove?

To Trove, diversity means not just the inclusion, but also the celebration of people’s differences. Too often and for far too long, discrimination has permeated through all levels of our daily lives. Whether it be within companies, our government, or even educational institutions. As a business in an industry that’s notoriously known for its historically racially discriminatory enforcement of drug policies, it’s very important for us to embrace and try to be a model for diversity.

As an Asian American born and raised here in the US, I’ve experienced my fair share of discrimination. Whether it’s hearing racial slurs or experiencing micro-aggressions, I’ve experienced it throughout my whole life. But none of that has stopped me from studying hard, working hard, and loving life. In fact, it’s been a major source of inspiration to create something to motivate others to do the same. To me, diversity represents equality, acceptance, cooperation, and celebration; and those are qualities that should be the core of how we live.

How do you incorporate diversity and Pride into your workplace and products?

When we bring on new members to join the Trove team, we love seeing candidates that come from diverse backgrounds and experiences because a diverse team helps us develop better ideas. We love seeing diverse guests come through our doors, because that shows us that we’ve been able to create an atmosphere where everyone feels included and celebrated. When it comes to Pride, we’re proud to be a part of the movement and what it represents. I have family and friends who are a part of the LGBTQ community and it’s shameful that they’re treated differently just because of who they are. Even if what we do as a small business plays just a small part to support the community, it’s worth it. 

With our product selection, we try our best to have the widest selection with the best value for customers that are carefully sourced from companies we feel align with our company’s values. As one example, we’ve worked with Botanica Seattle since the first day we opened Trove, and every year they have special products that directly support LGBTQ organizations. It’s an amazing opportunity to be able to work with companies that not only provide outstanding quality products, but companies that place such a strong emphasis in social responsibility.

Where do you see opportunity within the cannabis industry for more diversity?

The cannabis industry has been, and still is, very much dominated by men. However, this isn’t just with the cannabis industry. You also see these similarities in sectors like finance, technology, engineering, etc. But as our country has evolved over time, we’re seeing incremental shifts and I truly believe the tide is turning. There is no blanket solution, because it takes all of us to enact change. But I am very excited to see conversations about equity and diversity being at the forefront and an increasing number of companies, big and small, incorporating these qualities in their core values.

This week’s Toke With Pride challenge: Dig a little deeper into the brands that you love and discover the work that they are doing in diversity!


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