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Vendor Spotlight: Sweetwater Farms

By trovecannabis | | Vendor Spotlight

sweetwater farms

Sweetwater Farms is back! It has been a while since we had a fresh drop from Sweetwater Farms but we’re happy to announce we’ve got some GREAT looking product back in house. From ATF to Laughing Gas to Raspberry Bellini we think you are going to be very happy with the new selection.
What makes Sweetwater Farms different?

Soil Based

sweetwater farms cannabis Soil BasedThe secret to growing organic cannabis all starts with the foundation. Our “living” soil provides an environment for organic life to breakdown essential nutrients which in-turn feed our plants naturally as intended by Mother Nature.

Organically Fed

sweetwater farms cannabis Organically FedThere are many ways to feed cannabis, but we take pride in using only organic inputs rather than salts, chemicals, or anything that is synthetically produced. Not only is this better for our environment, but it also boosts natural terpene content.

Slow Cured

sweetwater farms cannabis Slow Cured

The most overlooked, yet essential part of the entire seed-to-sale process resides in the cure. Maintaining the proper moisture content and temperature in addition to the length of cure is crucial to obtain a smooth and flavorful smoke.




Photos and copy by Sweetwater Farms



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