Selecting a Vape Pen

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How to find the best for your budget

You’ve probably heard it, “not all pens are created equal.” Lucky for you, and us, we only carry vape pens that we love and actually use ourselves. But even so, it can still be a challenge to choose the perfect pen. If only there was a sorting hat that would just tell us and that would be that.

What is a vape pen? Just like when you light up, a vape pen is designed to heat the THC or CBD oil to a hot enough temperature (315-465 F) to activate the cannabinoids. The difference is that a vape pen can achieve these high temps so much quicker and more accurately.


A standard 510 threaded vape pen is made up of:
  • Mouthpiece
  • Atomizer
  • Cartridge or tank
  • Power button
  • Battery


The biggest variables that you’ll see when looking for your perfect vape pen are:
  • Voltage settings
  • Heating element
  • Cartridge compatibilities
  • Design
  • Battery size, how many puffs you can get per charge
  • Dose control
  • Temp control
  • Price

If you’re new to vaping, welcome! You’re (probably) going to love it! This guide will help you in your search to finding the right pen for your needs and your wallet.

If you’ve been vaping since before it was cool, we hope this helps you find something new and fresh to play around with.


CCell M3 Stick Battery – $14

Easy to operate, just inhale! Bottom light illuminates while the heat element is active.
Draws last for about 4 seconds, producing a satisfying amount of vapor. 350mAh, 3.7 volts, compatible with almost any 510 threaded cartridge. Available in radiant, white, and black.


Vuber – TROVE Pilot Battery – $20

Three variable voltage settings, making it easy to pair your preferred voltage with your favorite cartridges no matter the viscosity. Preheat setting that allows larger clouds with thick oil.


Airo – Sport – $25

Light weight and scratch resistant for an active lifestyle. Pairs exclusively with AiroPod cartridges. Velvety and potent draw. Available in Stone Grey, Electric Green, Cobalt Blue, and Sunburst Orange.


PAX Era – $29.99

4 temperature settings. Bluetooth and app capabilities, LED lights and pattern change with each draw. Charging is fast and convenient. Pod cartridges are available in several strengths, strains, and flavors.


CCell Palm Battery – $31.99

Battery is made of aluminum alloy. Magnetic connector with a built-in 510 thread
LED will shine when it is in use. Self-adapted optimum temperature setting
No-button design. Available in Rose Gold, Grey, Black, Blue.


PAX Era Life – $34.99

Longer lasting pods deliver full flavor from start to finish. Extended battery life in PAX’s most compact design. 4 temperature settings. PAX’s smallest device yet. 150 puffs per charge and easy-to-read LEDs ensure it’s always ready. Available in Blaze, Onyx, Indigo, and Grass.


Vuber – Atlas Kit – $55

Wax and oil concentrate vaporizer, “portable dabber”. Dual-titanium coil heating element wrapped around a ceramic core allows you to experience the full flavor of your favorite concentrates. 900 mAh battery.


PAX Era Pro – $69.99

Extended battery life, expert temperature control, PodID abilities, true dose control, and over 250 puffs per charge. App Connectivity including oil transparency, showing detailed profiles of the pod oil.


PAX2 – $149.99

4 temperature settings, Temperature range 360 – 420 F. Expect pure vapor in less than 1 minute. 6-8 Session per charge, 2600 mAH battery. Easily controlled with the press of a single button and LED indicators. Available in black and silver.


PAX3 – $249.99

Compatible with both loose leaf and concentrate materials. Powerful battery delivers fast heat-up. Customizable experience with the PAX Vapor App. 8-10 sessions per charge, 3500 mAH battery. Available in gold, black, silver, sand, sage, and burgundy.



This week’s Back to Basics Challenge

Get to know your cartridges! Single source strain? How was it grown? Battery calibrated to cartridge? To learn more about buying cartridges, check out this article from Leafly.




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