How To Choose The Right Edible

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Dosing Edibles

Edibles are a controversial thing in the big ol’ world of weed. You might be thinking, “how can a bag of cannabis infused potato chips be controversial?” Well, they are. We hear these phrases a lot:

“Edibles just make me sleepy.”

“I get way too high from edibles.”

“I don’t feel anything when I take an edible.”

These are totally valid statements but, just like many other methods of consuming cannabis, if there is an issue it’s usually a dosing problem. Factors like how much you’ve had to eat, how much water you’ve drank, your tolerance, health concerns, etc. all affect how your edible will play out.

Whether you have a high tolerance or consuming weed is fairly new to you, it’s super helpful to understand what dose is right for you.

Read The LabelPioneer Squares Edibles

Every edible package has the THC:CBD ratio listed in milligrams. Take this Fruit Nom from Craft Elixirs for example- At the top, you’ll see that it clearly says 100mg THC, 10 servings, 10mg THC per nom.

If you’re not sure how many milligrams is right for you, try only eating half to start.

What to Expect

Leafly has created a beautiful chart that breaks it all down in a general sense. Categories listed are: THC per dose, What to expect, and Who it’s for. Here’s an example-

THC per dose: 2.5-15mg
What to expect: Stronger symptom relief, euphoria, may impair coordination and alter perception
Who it’s for: Patients with persistent problems, restless sleepers, social butterflies

Edible Dosing Chart

Keep Trying

If there’s one piece of advice we can give you when trying edibles, it’s to keep trying! There is such a diverse amount of edibles that we carry on our shelves from everything salty and sweet to refreshing mints and flavorless capsules. Play around with different ratio’s of THC:CBD to achieve the right result for you.

Shop Edibles

This week’s Back to the Basics challenge: Try something new from our edible selection! Not sure where to start? Ask our budtenders for their recommendations!



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