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What is Hash?

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The cannabis community has been mourning the loss of a legend over the past couple of weeks. On July 19, world-renowned hashish guru, Frenchy Cannoli, passed away at the age of 64 due to complications during a surgical procedure. Frenchy grew up in Nice, France, and left home at a young age as he set out on an adventure to understand the art of the hashishin (hashish producers) after falling in love with the imported hashish in Europe during the 60s. His passion took him on a twenty-year journey around the world, as he lived with and learned from traditional hash producers who practiced ancient techniques passed down over generations. He lived in Mexico, Nepal, Morocco, Pakistan, and most notably India, where he spent eight seasons living in the caves of the Parvati Valley, growing and harvesting cannabis resin with the masters.

Eventually, he moved to California, where he began sharing his extraordinary education as medical marijuana laws began to pass throughout the state. Frenchy taught thousands of aspiring concentrate producers through his “Lost Art of the Hashishin” seminars. Eventually, he took to social media, where he amassed a following of nearly two hundred thousand people. He was a selfless advocate for open-source knowledge and freely shared his techniques without fear or concern.

Frenchy Cannoli will be forever missed. Luckily, he can rest easy knowing that his life’s passion will live on indefinitely through the next generations of concentrate experts. To learn more about Frenchy, hashish, and his techniques, check out his website.

What Is Hash?

The history of hashish goes back to ancient times, before the 10th century. 

It’s theorized to have originated in the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan, one of the suggested birthplaces of cannabis, the oldest center of plant cultivation, and an educational melting pot of the oldest hashish traditions. The ancient hashishin intuitively understood that most psychoactive and medicinal properties of the cannabis plant resided in the resin glands. Their work focused on controlling cannabinoid synthesis through specialized genetics, cultivating plants with high levels of cannabinoids in their resin glands.

Hash is the product created by compressing and processing the powder-like crystals, called trichomes, that rest on top of the flower, produced through those resin glands. Over the years, numerous methods were developed to create various types of Hash products, all with their unique effects.

Hash Products We Carry at Trove

At Trove, we honor the masters by carrying the best local hash and concentrate products produced in Washington state, and we know Frenchy would be proud of their work. Here’s a list of hash products you can reserve online or find on our shelves today and be sure to check back regularly to see what new products we’ve added to the collection.


Boggy Boon – Hash Joints

Grown on the bank of the Colombia River in the Wenatchee Valley, Boggy Boon produces over twenty different varieties of hash-infused pre-rolls alone, and we have them all!


Read more about Boggy Boon here.


High Five Farms – Traditional Hash 

High Five Farms has blessed us with an artisanal selection of traditional hash utilizing strains such as Banana Punch, #9 Hammer, Blue Sugar Cookies, and Ghost Train Haze.


Raven – Hash Pre-rolls

Raven has supplied us with some delicious hash pre-rolls as well as a wide variety of concentrate cartridges and a host of trichome-covered flowers.


Check out this article about some of Raven’s other products.


Sitka Hash House 

Sitka Hash House produces a heavy-hitting Hash product line that allows you to explore the ancient tradition in many of its evolved forms. Their selection includes traditional hashish, bubble hash, hash coated moon rocks, and Sikarillos ( high-end, hash wrapped, infused pre-rolls).


Soulshine – Bubble Hash & Kief

Soulshine has shared with us their cannabis line with a higher purpose. From bubble hash to high percentage Kief selections, each product is handcrafted and packaged with eco-conscious practices.


Treehawk – Hash Pre-rolls & Rosin

Last but not least, all the way from the foothills of the Olympic mountains, Treehawk has brought us the Cherry Berry strain in a handful of wonderful forms, including infused pre-rolls and hash rosin.



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