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Medical Cannabis

Understanding Washington State Medical Cannabis

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Are you looking to become a medical cannabis cardholder? Well, let us answer a few commonly asked questions to help you figure out what is best for you.

In Washington state, medical and recreational shops are combined into one. This often confuses people who are new to cannabis, new to the area, or seeking medical cannabis.

How Do I Become a Medical Cannabis Patient?

First, schedule an appointment with your health care provider to discuss your current conditions. Your ability to receive a medical authorization is dependent on if your condition qualifies and if your health care provider supports cannabis as medicine.

If you are issued a medical authorization form you have two options:

1) Register in the state database and receive a medical cannabis card.

If you choose to go this preferred route, you receive several other benefits. As a WA state medical cannabis cardholder, you will receive the following perks:

  • Purchase up to 3x the legal recreational limit (3 ounces of flower, 21g of concentrates, 48oz solid edibles and 216oz of liquid infused edibles)
  • Exempt from WA state sales tax when purchasing cannabis
  • Grow 6 plants within your domicile or up to 15 per your provider’s recommendation
  • Receive an additional 20% off any products purchased from Trove

2) Opt-out of the database

If you are over the age of 18 you can opt-out of registration. However, if you choose not to register and are between the ages of 18-20, you are unable to shop at any cannabis retailers. With the authorization form and no registration, you can legally grow up to 4 plants in your domicile.

How old must you be to become a medical cannabis patient?

You must be 16 years or older to become a medical patient. If you are under the age of 16, you must have a designated provider who is your parent or legal guardian. Your designated provider must always be with you when shopping at Trove. Both the patient and the designated provider will be issued an authorization form and both parties must be entered into the state database.

If you are 18+ you can become a medical patient without a designated provider and are able to shop freely at Trove on your own.

What is a designated provider?

Any medical patient can have a designated provider if their health provider deems it necessary. A designated provider is someone who can purchase or grow on behalf of the patient. To purchase on behalf of the patient.

How much does it cost to become a medical patient?

If you can see your primary provider, the office visit should be covered by health insurance. There could be out-of-pocket fees associated with this visit depending on insurance coverage. When you bring the authorization form to Trove, there is a state-mandated $1 fee to enroll in the state database.

Can I use an out of state medical cannabis card in Washington? Is my Washington state medical cannabis card valid in other states?

To qualify for medical cannabis benefits in Washington state you must have a Washington state-issued medical card. Additionally, Washington state medical cards are only valid in Washington state.

Can Trove give medical advice?

The short answer to this question is no. Overall, our job as a Certified Medical Cannabis Consultant is to inform patients on the products we carry and the effects they have on the body. We are here to issue medical cannabis cards and make sure you leave Trove better off than when you came in.

We cannot make medical recommendations for recreational or medical customers because we are not legally certified to make medical claims. However, we are certified and thoroughly educated on the products we offer and the overall effects of cannabinoids, and how they work collaboratively with the body as medicine.

Fortunately, we live in a state that allows customers over the age of 21 to buy recreational cannabis. If you are unable to obtain a medical authorization form, you are still able to shop our impressive line of products. We’d love to see you at Trove, whether that is to receive a medical cannabis card or just to shop recreationally!



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