What are cannabis inhalers?

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As the cannabis industry grows, the way we consume it has become more diverse than ever. It can be smoked, absorbed through your skin, ingested, vaporized, or administered through a suppository. While there seem to be endless possibilities for cannabis and its benefits, the newest developments are more and more exciting. Building on the popularity of vaporizers, the cannabis industry now offers cannabis inhalers and their ability to deliver a precise dose without the use of combustibles.

Cannabis inhalers look similar to a traditional inhaler you would see someone using to treat asthma (a plastic mouthpiece with an attached cartridge). In this case, it delivers a pre-measured dose of cannabinoid vapor which you then inhale. The combination of a more pure form of THC (unaccompanied by dried herb) and portion control means that these little devices accomplish what other methods of cannabis struggle to recreate – the perfect amount.

Inhalers are leading the charge when it comes to keeping things discreet. With a vapor that is virtually odorless, it is easy to dose up in a more public setting.  No lights, clicking, flicking, or other sounds to give away what you’re doing. Plus, it’s small and simple to drop in your pocket, purse, or backpack. Don’t let the minimalist appearance throw you off though. These compact gadgets can pack a punch. If you’re in the market for a heavy hitter, there are a few options available with relatively high THC content.

Cannabis Inhalers

Fairwinds Cannabis Inhaler Blue Dream

Fairwinds – Inhaler, Blue Dream (500mg) 

If you’re like us, you’ve been thinking about the effects the wildfire season has had on our body. It’s a great time to take a break from traditional combustibles. In the past we’ve looked to edibles instead of smoking, but edibles can take a long time to kick in and the resulting high might be varied. Cannabis inhalers have the potential of being an even better alternative. Because you are inhaling it, it enters your bloodstream faster than edibles and produces the effects just as quickly.


Fairwinds Cannabis Inhaler Ratio 1 to 1

Fairwinds – Inhaler, Ratio 1:1 (500mg) 

If you’re someone who has a pre-existing medical condition like asthma or other respiratory illnesses that makes it difficult for you to smoke cannabis, there is a possibility that these inhalers are a worthy replacement if you’re looking for one. They don’t require combustion, which can further aggravate such conditions. Other medical patients who are looking for a method that is fast-acting and easy to administer, could find that inhalers are more convenient.

Fairwinds Cannabis Inhaler Ratio CBD 20 to 1

Fairwinds – Inhaler, Ratio CBD 20:1 (500mg)

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