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Outdoor vs Indoor Grown Cannabis

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Learning the differences between outdoor and indoor grown cannabis.

Do you have a preference of indoor or outdoor grown cannabis? Or, maybe you aren’t sure how your weed is grown. It’s important to learn more about the growers that you love because it will help you get to know your preferences and have the confidence to explore other growers. Today, let’s talk about the two main ways that cannabis is grown here in Washington, and the potential benefits and risks of each.

We have it good here in Washington! There are so many high-quality growers, both indoor and outdoor, represented on our shelves. The way that cannabis is grown has so much to do with the end flavor profile and quality. Because of that, we wanted to give you a brief look at the different factors that play in to the end product.

outdoor vs indoor grown cannabis

above pc: Walden Cannabis

Outdoor Grower Pros:

  • 100% renewable energy from the sun
  • Ability for the cannabis plants to reach their full genetic potential resulting in a true and natural terpene profile
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Ability to grow more organically

Outdoor Grower Cons:

  • Weather can make or break crops and harvests
  • Could take longer to produce a profit because of unpredictable weather
  • High risk due to only one growing season


Indoor cannabis pros

above pc: Richard T | The CBD

Indoor Grower Pros:

  • Almost every variable can be dialed in to exactly what the strain needs such as LED lights to mimic the sun
  • Easier to control everything that comes in and goes out of the growing space such as insects
  • Opportunity for numerous growing cycles
  • Indoor grown cannabis has shown record breaking cannabinoid contents

Indoor Grower Cons:

  • The grower is responsible for controlling every element that the plant needs
  • Requires a large financial investment to set up an indoor growing site and
  • Because of the financial and educational investment needed up front it could take longer to turn a profit

This week’s Grower to Stoner challenge: The next time you visit, pick up a strain from an indoor and outdoor grower to try out! Can you taste or see a difference?



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