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Spring Cleaning: Start Smart

By trovecannabis | | Education

Spring is well-known as the time off year where we all get a little bit of a “start fresh” itch. We wash the rugs that have been hiding all winter, organize and clean out our closets, and open up the windows to let the fresh air in and danky air out. Hopefully, you’re enjoying a motivating strain while you’re getting to it. As your biggest fan, we’ve put in the time to do the research on how you can be the best you this Spring. Check it out.

1 ounce 1 tree

It’s Earth Day: The Impact of Planting One Tree

In addition to planting trees, One Tree Planted does loads of research. They research the impact of the trees that they plant, and provide their partners (us) with the incredible data. Spoiler alert: the impact of planting just one tree is enormous. Enormous in the ways that it helps to clean the air that we breath, provides a home to hundreds of different species, and more. Let’s unpack the “and more” below, shall we?

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how to clean your piece

Back to the Basics: How to Clean Your Piece

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Back to the Basics series over the last few months! We sure have. We’ve discussed things like How to Roll a Joint, How to Choose the Right Edible, and Selecting a Vape Pen. To us, the most important thing is that you feel confident to enjoy weed!

Our last How To is the most important of all – keeping your glass clean. There’s a major difference in flavor when you toke from a clean piece. Think about it, none of the residue from your last toke (or the toke before that) is getting picked up and clouding the flavor your new bud.

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DIY Household Bongs and Pipes

DIY Household Bongs and Pipes

We’ve all been there. You decide to take a well deserved vacation, or visit a friend in a different city. You’re stoked for some time off and you are ready to relax. However, you’ve brought your favorite herb and realize you have nothing to smoke it with. Bummer! No worries, we’ve got you. There is a lighter at the end of this DIY tunnel. That’s right, we’ve laid out a few ways you can quickly make a pipe or bong out of simple, easy to find, household items.

Disclaimer: People have been making bongs and pipes since the discovery of cannabis. The list below is some of our favorite DIY projects and is for entertainment purposes only. Absolutely nothing replaces quality bongs and pipes made by reputable companies — which we happen to have a lot of in-store. Should you decide to try your hand at DIYing a bong or pipe, do so at your own risk.

First off, let’s break it down. Pipes are pretty straight forward, but what are the parts and pieces of a bong? It’s easier to build something, if you know what you’re aiming for, right?

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Living Your Bud Life

Cannabis and Fitness: Living Your Bud Life

Contrary to its false reputation of inciting laziness and lack of productivity, when the right strain is paired with an activity, cannabis can push your workouts and self-care routines to the next level.

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